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I did some energy work this morning for a friend who is experiencing some attacks. She is an empath, but does not know how to put up her shields.  For this reason, she feels burdened by the sadness and negativity around her.

She arrived at my house a bit late, so we did not have a lot of time before I started work, but we did a small ritual.  I showed her some techniques to play with in order to strengthen her shields.  I also found a couple of imbalances in her chakras.

This week at my Women’s circle, we will be doing healings, I believe that she may end up as the focus of my energy sending. It pains me to see those I love in pain, and I only hope that I can be of assistance in helping her to learn how to shield herself.

On a side note: The wee being that came into our circle a couple of days ago, I believe it was a chicken.  It was unable to communicate with us, as it didn’t seem to understand our language or even pictorial messages.  It also seemed very frightened.  My SO informed me yesterday, midday, that my dog had killed a chicken and that he had buried it shortly before we went outside to do our ritual. Interesting, eh?