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Not long ago I made a commitment to read 5 books, purchase one. This was my way of curbing my book habit to a more manageable stack.  I don’t want to own a library of books I have never read, but I do want a library of books. Anyway, I have been quite good at keeping to this rule, but today my book club sucked me in!

I have a HUGE love for lavendar.  I have three different varieties growing in my garden now, and I plan for a couple of other varieties. On my wish list is a book of lavendar (yes, I prefer this spelling). It has recipes, information about all the various types, …. exactly what I have been looking for.  When I saw that it was on sale, and that they were having a buy 1 get 1 FREE sale,…. what could I do? I bought it, and a gift book for the SO…..

So, I do not believe in punishing myself, I just realize that I have to read 10 books now before I can purchase another one.

Speaking of books, I am currently reading Nigel Pennick’s Practical Magick in Northern Traditions. In the first 25 pages I was truly impressed with his scholarly take on the traditions. He appeared well researched and informed, and his writing style is not dumbed down (thank the gods!). However, when he began referring to Mani as a Goddess, that is where he lost me.

Mani is a male, therefore a God. The statuette that he has in his book is clearly male, …. Or do my eyes and ears deceive me? I have been reading forward into this book with an extremely critical eye, and I have yet to find any further discrepancies between my beliefs and his work. He makes a case for Mani and Eostre being the same Goddes in different aspects. I have to admit that I find that difficult to swallow.

I would be curious to know from some of my other Heathen friends, have you ever thought of Mani as a female deity? Is this a debate/discussion I was previously unaware of? Are there others in the Pennick camp on this one? I am curious….