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Each year at Samhain I make a list of 25 or so goals that I want to accomplish in the coming year. It is going on 6 months since I made that list, and I need to revisit it to see where I am in reaching these goals, and check in to see if they are all still applicable.

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  • eat better – more raw and organic, less dairy and “white food”
    I have taken all starchy foods out of my diet. I do not eat any processed foods and most all that I eat is organic
  • Run 1/2 Marathon
    I am up to 5 miles running comfortably.
  • do the Danskin triathlon


  • I will put up boundaries between my work and not allow work to take up all of my time
    I have been doing this well. I am more present in my daily activities.
  • I will not lose my Arabic skills, but will devote time to improving
    This is an area where I need to put more energy and focus. Plan: Watch Al Jazeera daily and read more in Arabic.


  • I will travel to another continent
    I made this goal when my mom asked me to go to Scotland with her for our family’s clan gathering. Since then, she has had to rearrange and delay these plans. So have I.
  • my family and I will visit Oregon and my home
    Plans are in motion, and 2/3 of the money has been set aside.


  • finish writing my graphic novel research for my socio-linguistic book
    I need to rewrite this as I have put fiction on hold as I work on a larger project that *has* to be written
  • finish my artist’s website
    I bought the domain and have been working on the layout and design
  • “Dark Night of the Soul” art show
    I have done about half of the photos and none of the mixed media works
  • copyright my book
    Haven’t done a thing… yet…..


  • actively strengthen
  • I will listen more, daily
  • I will spend more quality time with Christopher
  • walk the dog more
    I have been playing with him daily, but not walking him….



  • end the clutter
    I have gotten a great deal more organized, but with working 3 jobs, I have put many things ahead of this goal

  • plant roses to line the fence
  • herb and flower garden expansion


  • continue to pursue self awareness and improvement diligently (reading, yoga, meditation, practice, etc.)
    Going Well!!

Business and Entrepreneurial

  • Modern Edwardian site launch (integrate Lillies and Lace)
    I have been working on the site, which is near to done, but I am not sure I want to deal with it just yet. My focus has been on the book I am writing, not my more entrepreneurial pursuits.


  • pay off credit card
    I have paid more than my monthly payment every month
  • begin instituting Mark Skousen’s “Financial Independence”
    I need to rebudget now the the SO has lost his job and mine is the sole income
  • start savings accts. for the kiddos
  • begin paying off school loans
    I have not begun either of these.