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Join The Magical Battle

Concerned about the rising tide of obesity in the western world a group of magicians have worked together for the purpose of reversing this potentially catastrophic trend.

They have created two magical symbols to achieve this and need our help to get the process working by disseminating them as widely as possible.

“We need people to turn away from the junk food that is killing them.  That is the purpose of the first (red and yellow) sigil – REJECT JUNK FOOD!  But then they also need to espouse a healthy lifestyle and that is where the second sigil CHOOSE HEALTHY FOOD AND EXERCISE comes into play.  They are designed to work on the mind of anyone who looks at them.”

These sigils have been energised by the magicians and all that is needed is for them to be put in public places where as many people as possible will see them and they will quietly do their work.  They can be chalked on walls and pavements.  They can be inked or printed onto labels then stuck on lamp posts, windows, doors etc. and will be especially effective if that is on the approach to a fast food outlet.

And with global media at our disposal the possibilities of networking this are massive.

They can be used singly if that is more practical, but will be more effective if displayed as a pair.  They could even be accompanied by an appropriate slogan to further draw attention to them.

This is, of course, a direct challenge to the egregores of the fast food corporations so there could be interesting times ahead!

“We are not so much setting out to directly destroy these egregores but overwhelm them with a more powerful egregore.  If they are destroyed in the process then all well and good but it’s more a question of “jamming the signal ” with an equally beguiling signal that offers the road to a healthy life.”

Hopefully, like me, you will be able to support this ambitious initiative by displaying the sigils where you can and by passing this on to other receptive people.

The body is a temple so why bung it full of crap!