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I have been studying the Kabbalah for a good 15 years. I love it as a practice and as a means of understanding the universe. Primarily I have studied traditional Jewish Kabbalah. Being one who likes to get to the root of any practice or philosophy, it just made sense for me to start at the very beginning, or source.

Recently my coven mate, Sera, and I have discussed delving into Kabbalah Magick, and looking deeply into the occult understanding and practice of this system. Both of us have, independently, picked up a book or two on the subject and have been very disappointed. I started with Garden of Pomegranates by Israel Regardie.

The Israel Regardie book is not disappointing in that it is poorly written or not well informed, but in that it does not reveal any new or exciting information.  Perhaps it is that I have not chosen the right book. Garden of the Pomegranates is definitely a brilliant introduction to Kabbalah, covering a wide range of topic. Or, it could be that I need to lower my expectations.

What I have noticed in my brief stint into the research of kabbalah magick is not that it is in any way fundamentally different from traditional Kabbalah, only that the correspondences are polytheistic and in keeping with a pagan cosmology. I assume this is an oversimplified view, but again, I have not been studying Magickal Kabbalah that long.

I plan to pick up Regardie’s Middle Pillar next, but I am looking for further recommendations. I am looking for books on Kabbalistic Magick that go deep and are far from introductory. I am not interested in Kabbalah Magick as per Golden Dawn. I want to be inspired the same way that Lenora Leet or Aryeh Kaplan are able to inspire me. Have you any book suggestions