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I have found this particular post to be a very difficult one to set into words. I have known for many days that I wanted this particular PBP post to be about Gratitude, and there truly is so much that I am thankful for.  The trouble is that I have no idea where to begin.

I am thankful to my ancestors, the ones I know, and the ones I have yet to meet.  You are my guides, and your journeys have led to where I am now. I thank you for being my teachers and for making the way for this life for me.

To my spirit guides, I am thankful for your guidance and teachings. You lead me on my path, especially when I feel that I have lost my way.

My immediate family, I am grateful for your patience with me. You understand that I am still learning and growing and you help me in this. My children, especially, are among my greatest teachers.

The community that I am involved in, such wisdom I gain from you. There is so much that I want to learn and I am so passionate in my learning.  You always steer me in  the direction of new information and ideas, and you challenge my set patterns of thinking and behavior.

My parents. I chose you for the lessons that I would learn as a result of having you as my mom and dad. These lessons have not been easily learned, but they are lessons that I will never forget. You have taught me tolerance and justice. You have taught me to always stand up for what I know is right, but to see all sides of a coin, not just the obvious two.

To myself, I thank you for being forgiving of my faults. I thank you for being so willing to grow, for desiring it so fervently, and for never settling.

There are so many others to thank, but this is a good beginning.