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I was recently instructed to do full-to-dark moon cleanse. I participated modestly in the festivities of my coven on the full moon, after eating very light that day. Then the very next day I began a full body, mind, home, etc cleanse. I woke up the day after the full moon rite and began furiously cleaning out the cupboards. I began going through closets and ridding the home of excess.

It used to be that I prided myself on my willpower, able to execute any working or goal that I set out toward.  However, I have questioned in recent years whether I still had that gift.  Turns out that my willpower, though not exercised as often as I perhaps should, is still intact. I went to an Easter celebration and then to dinner with friends, and still continued to keep myself from straying.

This is day two of the hardcore juice cleanse, and I am beginning to waver. I know the first few days are the hardest, and so I will motor through. The rewards that are present on the other side are well worth it.

For the next two weeks (roughly) I will remain focused on clearing and cleaning. On the dark of the moon I will go before the Goddess that requested this of me, and join the council.