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Today is day 9 of my cleanse. I feel strong and healthy, but yesterday I almost gave up. I had an experience that was wholly frightening to me. Let me explain:

Friday evening I joined the Shamanic Journey Circle for an extra long journey. The results were amazing! I had a past life regression journey that knocked my socks off and left excited and my soul soaring. (I will do a separate post on that later.) Afterwards, however, I found it very difficult to ground.

Not thinking much of it, as grounding is not always easy for me, I went about my usual routine. I went out for tea with the ladies, then home to bed. The craziness began once I woke….

Having only had a few hours of sleep, I found myself quite upset when I realized how early it was. Unfortunately, I found that I did not feel as if I was completely within my own body. I have purposely done astral travel, but this felt different, like I was trying to leave for good. As I began to re-enter my body, I found it terribly difficult. It was as if I had to remind myself to breath.

At this point I began some serious deep breathing and tried to center. I kept thinking, “I can’t leave now. I have wee ones that need me…..” Every time I would close my eyes, I would start to go directly into a spontaneous journey. It was terribly frightening to me, as I felt I had no control over the situation.

I decided to get up and do some yoga. I did so, but it did not help…. much. After time and tea with a dear friend, I began to center into myself. She suggested that I look into Healing Crisis, aka Herxheimer Reaction, as a possible explanation of my experience. When she left I did so extensively, but that definitely did not explain my experience.

At this point, my personal explanation is that I am experiencing deeper journeying. I experimented with it this morn, and was able to bring myself to a similar place rather easily. Yet, now that I am more aware of what is actually taking place, I have also been able to take the proper measures to ground myself. Only Day 9! I cannot begin to imagine what successive days will bring….