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So, I used the Wildwood Tarot and Enchanted Oracle in tandem again today. The results were uncanny.

The message is that of follow-through. It is about bringing projects to fruition, checking off the “to-do” list. This has been coming up a lot for me recently. I see it as in reference to my book. I am in no way near the end of this book, being still in the research phase, but I have been straying in my research. It is time to be on track and make things happen. This book is my project, it is the culmination of almost two decades of work for me.  I must stay on track.

Tonight I shall cross two projects off of that “to-do” list, projects that have nothing to do with the book, but that need to be completed so that I have a clear mind for the main event. Tonight I will finish my taxes, and complete my vision board.