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Recently the idea of making a vision board has come at me from all angles. It wasn’t until my S.O. had to make one for one of his classes that I actually sat down and did one for myself.

What is a vision board, you ask. Well, it is a collection of images that give a visual representation of goals and such that you would have manifest in your life. Making a visual representation of this sort, and putting it in a place that you will see it often, is a way of defining your path and keeping focus.

This is my vision board.

The picture is a bit blurry, since I took it with my phone, but the main elements are visible. These are my hopes for manifesting in my near future. There are power animals, art, Egyptian representations, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and so much more. This represents areas of study, art, physical discipline and such that I plan to pursue.

When I make such goals for myself, I find that having heroes that have gone where I want to go, in spite of surmountable odds, helps me to aspire. My heroes can also be in the form of my personal deities. For example, when I was working on shapeshifting, I found both Freyja and Odin to be truly helpful. They were/are my teachers.

In the coming week or so, I plan to write (in my own personal journal) about the pictures present on my vision board, in order to more fully connect to the images and what they represent for me.