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Yesterday was a very magickal day for me. I journeyed to Enchanted Rock with the Women’s Shamanic group that I attend regularly. We had a day trip to this fabulous, sacred space that has been a place of vision quest and medicine walks for hundreds of years. The mystery and power surrounding this most amazing of settings is palpable as one comes within range of the rock itself.

My whole family went there with me and we spent the day traversing trails, walking through caves, and just generally experiencing the magick that surrounded us. Yesterday was the dark of moon, as well as the eve of Earth day. If you have been reading my journal, you know that this day was extremely auspicious for me because I had been told by the Morrighan that she wanted to meet with me on this day, after I had completed an intensive cleanse.

As I journeyed up the side of this very steep batholith, I had second thoughts. As I had been slowly coming off of my cleanse, it was apparent to me that I had not eaten enough solid foods to keep my energy levels up for the climb. I am a stubborn lass though, in spite of the burning sensation in my chest I motored through and made it to the top.

Once at the top, we all explored the area. We explored quarts veins, hollows, rock formations and then found a cave. I was a bit frightened to enter in, but I knew that in this cave was where I needed to go on my journey to speak with Morrighan. I lowered myself into it, then found a ledge upon which I sat, inhaling the sweet, earthy smell.

My journey was powerful and the voice of the Earth Goddess rang loud and clear. I found myself not wanting leave, but to curl up there and spent the night. However, as this was only a day trip for all of us, I eventually had to climb out and rejoin the group.

As we climbed down the side of Enchanted Rock, we came to a truly fabulous rock formation. Myself and three other women from the circle cast our own circle around the formation. When the kids rejoined us, they went directly to the rock that we had circled round and used as our altar. My daughter put her hands on it and exclaimed “This is the real Enchanted Rock!” We all giggled as it was a nice confirmation to hear it said.

Then, before heading back to our vehicles, myself and two other women went on a Medicine Walk where we all asked for signs from nature to answer a query within ourselves. We all received various signs. Mine were lizards (in abundance), a mocking bird, and more butterflies than I have ever seen in one place!

We met back up with the group a bit later and shared a moment of peaceful relaxation. Then we all got into our cars and made our way back to our homes, to enjoy a good, deep sleep. Life is grand!