So, this day has come with one very loud message ~ Gratitude and Giving Thanks. I have read a number of posts from people. Among them was a beautiful idea that I am going to incorporate into my daily life. I am going to start a Gratitude Journal where I write down, each day, what I am thankful for. I got the idea here. You should read this exceptional blog….

One thing that I am definitely thankful for is the beautiful community that I have found here on WordPress. So many teachers and friends. I thank you all for sharing your fabulous insights and ideas. I do read each and every post.

I am also thankful that others enjoy my blog, some even enough to gift me with the kindness of a reward. Recently Brandie kindly gave me the Liebster Award.


And, in the interest of sharing this and showing my appreciation, I am bestowing this upon anyone that reads this blog and would like to put another link in this chain. Awards for everyone!!

*winks* Thanks, Brandie!