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I have been in a weird place lately. It is not a bad place, but it is not where I usually find myself. I suppose that this “new” place has found me a bit discombobulated.

Without going in to too many details, I have been feeling like there is something that is trying to get in, something dark. As at times I tend to question such feelings, I was beginning to look for ways to brush off this nagging feeling and dismiss it. However, when I found that two other witches that I associate with regularly had also been feeling the same strangeness, and experiencing an odd sense of exhaustion and being drained.

The three of us did some work to attempt to understand what might be going on, and if it was something that we should take precautions against. Turns out, we should, and have. The strange thing is, even after reinforcing boundaries, they/it has not left.

To add to matters, this is not happening to just us. Other folks that do similar work to that which we do are also experiencing this sort of attack. This has made me wonder, I have been approached by various battle gods and goddesses recently. They have all told me to prepare for an upcoming battle. My thoughts, upon hearing this, was perhaps that battle would take the form of a family illness, or relationship struggles, or something of that nature. However, I now wonder if this is the sort of battle that I am supposed to be prepared for.