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What is Magick? Aleister Crowley defines it as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

One of the many ways that I work to bring about Change is by using my voice as an instrument of that Change. We all do this every day, but so many times we do not do it with intention. I try to be mindful to use my voice with Intention at all times. Below I will detail some of the ways I do this:

  • It is proven that what we say, or what is said about us in repetition can become a self fulfilling prophecy. If you say to yourself, “I am an idiot!” eventually you begin to believe that and treat yourself accordingly. In order to try to counteract this, I will say, aloud or in my head, “I neutralize that thought.” Then I speak something positive to take its place.
  • Most every morning I do yoga. During yoga I have been taught to speak Mantras. Mantras are special sounds that comprise words or phrases. These are vibrated within one’s body and are intoned to bring about Positive Change within one’s body. The most commonly know mantra is “Aum.”  This mantra embodies the power of creative change, the power of life and bee-ing.
  • In magick, especially Runic magick, Intonation is one way of activating the runes. One can sing them, or chant them, until the resonance becomes natural and hits a noticeable climax.
  • At times, I have used singing as a means to raise power in a circle.

Sound and Words have power, and using them gives us access to that power. Be mindful of how you work your Magick.