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Beltane: In two parts

On Friday, Beltane Eve, the Women’s Shamanic group held a special circle for the sabbat. We all gathered a discussed the tradition and lore surrounding the holiday, with the recurring theme of Joy.

We went on journeys to meet with the Goddess and spoke with her about how to bring more Joy into our lives. After returning from the journey, we made talismans to represent these important activities and goals that would bring us Joy in the coming months.

The circle was lovely and full of laughter and merriment. Everyone was in good cheer, and the magick was strong!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Last night, the night of Lunar Beltane, was also the night of the Super Moon. Nothing was going as planned and, although my coven had planned do our own circle, it did not turn out that way. In fact, at about 9:30 in the evening, I was quite certain that I was not going to be seeing either of my coven sisters….. but Ms. Sera surprised me by showing up with a whole bottle of Sweet Rose Water.

Though we were not prepared to actually do a circle at that point, we had a good time being outside and enjoying conversation. As we sat and giggled, it turned out that there was so much faerie activity that we cast a circle anyway.

After raising power, an electrical storm began to brew. Beltane + Super Moon + Electrical Storm = High Intensity Magick  We continued our working until the rains began to fall heavily. Then I brought mine indoor and worked it late into the night. Amidst the sound of rain and thunder, I slept contentedly while having delicious dreams…..