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I love watching those cheesy metaphysical television shows like Charmed and Ghost Whisperer. However, I do have a bone to pick with the writers.

I can handle, and even enjoy the myriad of exaggerations. In fact, these are what help to build such an enticing and amusing story.  What I cannot take, and often finds me snarling at the screen, is the complete lack of basic magickal knowledge.

Why is it that these mediums and witches can be so utterly powerful, but not have any idea how to set up magickal boundaries?  These people are missing some basic magick 101 lessons. I could make a list of areas in which the writers have not done proper research, but that is actually the whole of my point. Why don’t they do the research? It is not as if we are in the Dark Ages. Literature and information is just a few clicks away, or just inside the walls of your local bookstore.

I love that Witchcraft and the supernatural are becoming more widely accepted topics, but I believe that such media exposes where ignorance still lies. Such projects as Pagan Blog Project are useful in making that information available, but I wonder how many non-Pagans are reading?