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In my shamanic practice, the Journey is a very important aspect. I do much of my work in trance journeys or dream journeys. I travel to different worlds in my Journeys.

To understand this more fully, we must make a couple of distinctions. Many people confuse the various states of trance and altered consciousness, so I shall take just a moment to identify the most commonly confused.

  • Meditation: this practice is to bring about a stillness of the mind. There are a number of techniques for achieving this; focusing on an object, repeating a mantra, acknowledging all thoughts that enter and then setting them free, etc.
  • Guided Visualization: this is when someone leads you through an exercise, in order to achieve a desired goal or gain information. Often confused with a journey, this is another way to move about in the various worlds of your “un” conscious.
  • Journey: Movement within the “un” or “sub” conscious with intent. In these realms, time is not linear and one can meet with ancestors, past lives, guides, etc.

In journey is one of the spaces where I do much of my work.
I encounter my shadow here.
I commune with my ancestors, hear stories and grow.
In journey, I am guided by my fetch and other spirit guides.
My totem guides lead me.
In journey I heal old wounds that happened in this life, or one(s) from the past.
In journey, I work to become the “hollow bone,” so that I may guide others in their journey work.