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I have had in possession, for a good couple of month now, two mandrake seeds. Having only two, and wanting so desperately for it to grow, I have put off actually planting it. I fear the devastation of it not growing. However, by not planting it, it would never have a chance to fulfill its destiny (to thrive or not.)

Yesterday, I decided it was time. I arose in the wee hours, grabbed my sacred trowel, and got to business. I chose a special pot, sacred earth, and the Eclipse/Dark Moon water I had prepared. I cast a circle, then invited all of the elements and the fae to assist me in raising this sweet seed.

Now the waiting game begins. I have decided to collect only dark moon water for nourishing my seedling. It seems appropriate for this being. Once it has begun to grow (putting my trust in the wee gardeners) then it shall be transferred to a small garbage can, to give it room to properly form.

Magickal Uses:

As a talisman or amulet; aphrodisiac, love magic, good luck in business or gambling, counter-magic, protector, warding off of evil spirits or spells, invincible against any kind of weapons, flying ointment


This plant contains powerful toxic substances, which if ingested can be fatal. Do not use internally and apply extreme caution even with external uses.

PARTS USED: roots, leaves, fruits
ACTIONS: sedative, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory hypnotic and hallucinogenic, emmenagogue, abortive, emetic, anodine
CONSTITUENTS: tropane alkaloids: scopolamine, hyoscyamine, atropine, mandragorine, (cuscohygrine), (tropane alcaloids have a powerful effect on the central nervous system, extreme caution is advised

The latter portion taken from http://www.sacredearth.com/ethnobotany/plantprofiles/mandrake.php