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Magick is present in all stages of ritual, from preparation to the work that is done inside the circle. However, I feel that sometimes the preparation is more powerful and intense than the actual work within the circle.

A couple of nights ago I had the privilege of being part of a circle hosted by a lovely lady I am recently getting to know. This woman had set aside a time and space for the ritual. She had carefully cleaned a prepared a beautiful table and spread. She had cooked, baked, and made gifts for all of the attendees. Her altar had been arranged for the working that was at hand. Every detail that been attended to with the utmost care and grace.

After leaving her ritual, or really before beginning, I began to ponder my own ritual preparations. At the moment of conception, when the ritual is just an idea, the magick begins. As I begin to visual, research, and plan the ritual I am setting my intent. The energy behind this intent grows as the preparations are executed.

If there is any craft or gift that is prepared for the attendees, or goods baked, the intent of the ritual is at all times present and more energy is being added to the overall. This is brought to fruition, or is culminated with the circle.

Recently my rituals have been less planned and more spontaneous. Though there is something to be said for this, I love experiencing thoroughly all stages of the ritual, and after the other night I am excited to begin working on my next working.