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Yesterday was a good sort of intense, from my waking and all the way through to my sleeping hours….

I woke up yesterday morning and began my preparations for ritual. I bathed, meditated, etc. A friend of mine was having her Croning Ritual and I was to play the Mother in it. It took great care to pick out just the right clothing and jewelry for this joyous occasion of transformation.

Before going to the ritual itself, I took a bit of a break and went to an Estate Pre-Sale. I am quite glad I did, as the person whose estate I was rifling through was a collector of Ancient Egyptian reproductions. I bought a beautiful Bast figure for my altar. She now sits with Isis, Hathor, and Nephythys. Anubis is there as well, as one cannot have a proper Egyptian altar without his presence (personal opinion only.)

Then Sweet Corvidae came over and we proceeded to make our way to the ritual space.

The ritual was lovely. The woman that was Croned seemed truly touched by the whole event, which heightened everyone’s emotions. The collection of folks there was lovely as well. I only knew a few going in, but walked away from it with new friendships in blossom.

The rest of the day was spent watching Game of Thrones, reading, etc…. at least until early evening when my family and I went downtown for a stroll. We arrived at the precise moment a demonstration was being held to promote equal rights for all citizens, especially in regards to marriage. I grabbed my young’uns and we joined the parade of people marching to the steps of the capital. This became a great teaching moment for me to share with my kiddos….

Following the march we came home in time to have dinner and go to bed. I was knackered. I laid down and fell to a deep, dreaming sleep. In my dreams, Isis came to me. She was acting as a spokesperson for the various Egyptian deities that I have worked with in the past.

As you may know, if you have been following my blog for a time, I have dedicated myself to the Norse pantheon for a year and a day. Prior to that dedication, I worked with the Norse and the Egyptian mainly, but added in whomever seemed appropriate at the time. In my dream, Isis told me, “We have missed you.

After many months of delving deeply into the Norse tradition, deeper than I had ever gone before, I know that this will remain a part of my practice even after the dedication time is over. However, after that dream, I realize how much I have missed working with the Kemetic tradition. They both deserve a place of honor in my life.