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The subject of Altars keeps coming up. I have read lengthy discussions in books, seen blog posts, and spoken with friends about altars. We have discussed setup for various purposes and different altars for different intent. As such, I spent a couple of hours last weekend re-placing all of the objects upon my altar. I also dusted and cleansed each one. I shall offer photos for your perusal….

This is my main altar, and one of four that are in my home. This one bleeds out onto the walls. the photos/artwork above the altar contain my power animals, mainly.

This is a closer look at my main altar. Yes, I have a lot of stones. I may need to split them up to more than one altar…..

Below you will see my altar that is dedicated to my ancestors. This is only recently set up for this purpose. I am not completely happy with it, but it is getting there….

As I prepare to go on a road trip for the better part of a month, I am considering what I need to bring for my travel altar. I have devised a way to represent all elements using only stones. For Earth I have chosen Malachite. Air is Celestite. Fire will be represented by Lava Rock, and Water by a Hol(e)y Stone. Spirit shall be represented by Quartz Crystal. Other than that, I shall use found objects I think.