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Yesterday I had a very interesting experience. I have been places where spirits are present. I have had the opportunity to help a few into the light. All of these encounters have been in somewhat controlled spaces. Once in my home, once on a journey, etc., etc. My experience yesterday afternoon was quite different.

On my way to take the wee ones to their dance recital dress rehearsal, I suddenly felt this strange anxiety, almost frantic anxiousness sweeping over me. As my SO was taking me to meet up with another mom, and fellow coven mate, I tried to collect myself. I could not tell what was going on.

The feeling got more intense as we arrived at her house. It was compounded by an overwhelming sadness. I said goodbye to my SO, urging him to be extra careful, as I had no idea where this was all coming from. Then I proceeded to walk inside Sera’s house.

I simply could not shake the feeling, nor did I know what to think of it. Here is the problem: I get premonitions *and* I am an empath. Sometimes I have trouble telling where the feelings are coming from. It is something I am working on.

Unable to move on, and knowing the Sera would be able to assist, I told her what I was feeling. She gave me something to recite. As I did it, the spirit began to reveal her(?) story. Normally, I get more from spirits. I will feel them, and hear a story told as well. This woman just gave me all the fear and pain she had been feeling about the loss of her child. Perhaps she thought I would understand it, being a mother myself.

I never did get the full story, but Sera and I held the light for her. She was ever so reluctant to leave. Her fear and anxiety kept her from leaving. She was desperate to find her child. Eventually, we were able to call forth the child she had lost. Then she very quietly moved on….