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School is out for Summer! This, for me, means that I do not have to wake up in the wee hours to prepare little ones for school. I do begin work at 8am, so I cannot sleep in as late as I like, but two more hours than I am used to is quite heavenly.

Another side effect of this new schedule is the fact that my old schedule is lost. with it went the morning meditation and/or journeying. I still manage to fit in yoga and gardening in the morning. These are musts for me to ground and center before beginning a day in the marketing world (thank the gods I work from home!).

I have been fitting in little bits of meditation time at various points in the day, but no journey time has been had since the wee ones were released from the confines of school for the season.  This has placed much of my shamanic work in the oneiric space.

Above is the dreamcatcher that I made from branches of my tree that had been struck by lightning. It makes for powerful medicine. Since it has been hanging in my room, all of the children have been clamoring to sleep with us. (I am in the process of making them one of their own. I would have started with theirs, had I known what a hit it would be…)

I have always been a powerful dreamer, knowing at a young age how to lucid dream. Though I have been attacked in my sleep, this is one battleground where I have the advantage. For this reason, I have always loved the dreaming.

Yesterday I had a most peculiar dream. I was looking into a mirror, or at least it appeared to be a mirror.  I studied the reflection of the surroundings within the mirror. There appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary in the reflection, but I felt compelled to walk through the mirror, into the land beyond.

As I stepped into the mirror, I found myself in a landscape reminiscent of a Michael Parkes or Maxfield Parrish painting. As I entered, there was a rather androgynous fellow who saw my confusion at the sounds that I was hearing. He said, “Don’t worry it is just the sidhoeing (is that even a word?) or the sidhe.” Then he told me what sort of fae he was, with a complete listing of pedigree. Of course, I cannot remember other than his name – Irian.

After some time had passed in our conversation, he took my hand and wrote some symbols on it. There were three symbols, of which I can only recall two. I have no idea what they mean, or even how to use them, because as he was about to explain them, my daughter woke me. (I told you the kids want to be near the dreamcatcher.)

Anyway, I have decided that journeying must not be forsaken. I need to go back to that mystical land and meet up with Irian again. I am going to start back on the old routine of gettng up at 5:30. Then the house will be all mine and quiet for a good 2 full hours……