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Dismemberment journeys are quite common in shamanism. In fact, they are one sort of initiation. This means that you are entering into a new phase in the greater journey of your soul. My first major dismemberment dream was how I met my Lion totem.

In that first journey with my Lion, he came to me and devoured me. Now this may seem terribly disturbing, but it surprisingly was not. I remember reaching up and touching the lion with reverence and with love. The love I had for that beast was overwhelming, especially in light of what was happening. It was not until later that I realized what was taking place, and that he was to be one of my main totems.

The lion that appeared to me was a much paler version of the lions that I was accustomed to seeing. After a bit of research on lions, I found out that White Lions are rare, but they do exist. Though they are called “white,” they are just a great deal paler than is usual, but are not exactly white.

There is an amazing book that discusses the White Lion and the lore and legend that surrounds it. I am currently reading this book and am astounded by how beautiful and full is the history. They discuss the Lion in many cultures and how this powerful King of Beasts was revered and even worshiped. This book is Linda Tucker’s Mystery of the White Lions.

As I read this book and got to know my totem animal better, I became reminded of one of my first literary loves ~ Aslan. When I was a wee girl reading the Chronicles of Narnia, I became enamoured of Aslan. I can think of no greater hero, and I wanted so desperately to know him. It is no wonder that one of my greatest totems would be a lion.

Another very powerful connection that I have to lions was realized when I went on a journey that became a powerful past life regression. In this journey I made my first connection to a past life in Egypt. I had always known that there was a connection there for me, as I have been obsessed with Egypt since my early years, but I did not know precisely why until that journey.

In my Egyptian Past Life Regression I found that I was a male devotee of Maahes, a God I knew little of before that point. In that life I am not sure of my position, but I sat upon a great seat in a small room, and there were women that danced around my chair, and many people that were seated in front of me on the floor. When I walked into an adjoining courtyard and looked into the water there, I saw that my face was that of a lion. There is much more to that journey, but it is for another entry (not sure if I have already chronicled this or not….)

Currently I am going through the Guided Meditations in the book Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf. I will be doing the one for Sekhmet soon. I look forward to seeing what happens when I meet her more formally.