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I have been haunted by Atlantis as of late. Atlantis has come up in 1 out of every 5 conversations I have had. It has shown up on television while watching a silly sitcom. It has gotten to the point of amusing ridiculousness.

About 4 months ago I was leaving a play that a good friend was performing in, as I saw a bunch of books piled at the curb next to the trash bins.*** Of course I did what any self respecting bibliophile would do, I stopped and thumbed through them. I took them all home and gave them to friends as gifts, all but one.

The one book I kept for myself was placed upon my already overcrowded book shelf, and not considered since that moment…. Not until the other day. After the hilarity of the re-occurrence of Atlantis in my life, and my discussion with a friend, I decided to pick up the “forgotten” book. That book is The History of Atlantis by Lewis Spence.

I am not at all familiar with the various theories of Atlantis, and this is the only book that I have ever read on the subject, but I am really enjoying it and all the parallels that Spence draws. I am devouring the information, and should have the book finished by this evening. I love it.

Spence’s theories are well researched, and somewhat plausible. It inspires me to do a bit more research into the topic of Atlantis. I am especially taken by hist theory that Atlantis was off the coast of France and that the tales of the Irish and Scottish mirror Plato’s own tales of this ancient land. He does a fabulous job of tying in Celtic writings to the Atlantean theory. I have a desire to know more…….

*** Yay for recycling!