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I was about to skip this week’s PBP, however, as I sat pondering other queries, the topic of Language as it pertains to my practice began swirling in thought around the frontal lobe of my brain.  It then occurred to me that Language is an “L” word…. and so was born this post.

Communication is essential in almost every aspect of life. We must communicate  all the time whether it be in a classroom setting or when finding that pesky item in the grocery store. The power of communication and language is especially important when abstract concepts must be conveyed. It is fairly impossible to communicate such concepts as freedom or liberty without Language of some sort.

I have always been interested in communication and language. When I was in grade school I read as much as I could, as often as I was allowed. At night, I would hide under my covers with my digital alarm clock and use its light to read by. That is probably one of the reasons I have been wearing glasses for most of my life.

In college, I studies Every language from Egyptian Hieroglyphics to Korean. I would have studied even more than the four I studied, had it not been for the need to graduate without breaking my bank, which I failed at anyway, though I did graduate only two classes shy of that 5th Major (still considering going back and taking those two classes….)

Anyway, to get to the point of this post, communication is essential in Magick. A ritual is the communication of your intent to the world of Spirit, as a means of manifesting in the physical realm. Whether we give it a great deal of thought or not, that is what we are doing in our rituals, most commonly with language.

Having studied and practiced Ceremonial Magick, I have conducted entire rituals in a language completely foreign to me. Though I know the meaning of the words I speak or intone, my intent is the most important part of the ritual for me in this instance.

Of the traditions that I draw from in my practice, there are many words of power. If one knows these words they can create or destroy at will. Remnants of this idea can be seen in the creation story in the Bible as well.  G-D creates through speaking it into being. This is Magick.

I put a lot of thought into language and my uses of it. Knowledge is power, and that knowledge is only gained or achieved via communication, the most common of which is language. I ponder, if you cannot be formed in language, do you truly know it?