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Who woulda thunk it, but I scored magickally this weekend. I attended a couple of yard sales, and brought home some amazing deals. I wanted to share my finds with y’all…..

The Anubis statue is actually a wine bottle holder. However, this has found a special spot on my altar instead. He has a broken ear, but I plan to repair it using some Creative Paperclay and paint. Should work nicely.

The stele is amazing, yes? The fella having the sale hand painted it as a to-scale replica of the original, front and back. Look below for a photo the back. As well as a photo of the other side of the scarab.

The Stele of Revealing….

Underside of the Scarab

This is my new ritual candle holder…. Just needs a bit of polishing (a fair bit).

…. and some excellent books to sweeten the deal. Yup, I scored!