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I have had dreams of snakes since I was a child. They often are a centerpiece of my dreams, but not in the nightmare sort of way. Many times they will show up and I will walk through large numbers of them, or they will be a part of the landscape of the dream. Often I will go many months in between such dreams, but they have come back recently with a vengeance!

Last night I dreamt of snakes, tons of them, interacting with the other aspects of my dreams. The night before, snake visions as I was falling asleep, and again as I was waking up. I have always been a fan of snakes, having raised them as pets when I was a child. However, I think I can see the parallel of why these creatures have been reappearing so intensely as of late.

Last Saturday I devoured the book Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge.  This book was phenomenal. It is an anthropologist’s tale of working with and studying various cultures of Shamanism. He is able to find parallels among these widespread cultures within their knowledge, practices, and imagery. He gives deeper meaning to what the symbolism of the serpent means in symbolism. As such, I believe that my visions are a further processing of this information that I took in.