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I have not been posting lately, though so much has been going on. I guess it is that I have been in more of a “doing” mode than a contemplative state. I have a number of very exciting projects underway. Let me give you a bit of a sampling:

At my Women’s Shamanic Group this weekend, my dear friend and I will be teaching a two part class on the Grimoire, or Book of Shadows. We will be discussing the uses, and teaching folks how to make their own.

Beginning next year, in that same Group, one of the main facilitators and I are going to be doing a guided meditation series that works through Shamanic healing and expansion via an Ancient Egyptian framework. I have been doing the work myself, and… WOW! I will have to do another post on that again soon.

Also, since I have a month long road trip scheduled soon, that has spurred on a great whirlwind of home cleansing and purging, as well as further planning and prepping for the trip itself. I cannot wait until the day we leave, but there is still so much to be done, and my days are full up until that time.

In the next two weeks I will be finishing up a portion of some energy work I have been participating in. I will be receiving my first Reiki attunement. Then I will also be attending a drum making workshop, which I will post about later. Life is Full and Rich!