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Tonight is the Night!  It is Friday the 13th and my dear friend Annod and I are putting on a workshop, of sorts, about Grimoires. This will be Part One in a two-part teaching about Grimoires.

In the first part, she and I are going to be talking about the history of Magickal books and how they can be used in present day. Being the historian in the duo, I will be giving the portion about the history of Grimoires. Then, Annod will discuss the practicalities of having a Grimoire of one’s own in the present day. (I am sure I will have bits to add to this.)

In the second part, we will both teach various methods of constructing one’s own Book of Shadows. We will teach book binding, embellishment, and scrapbooking, among other methods. I cannot believe the response. There are almost as many folks on the waiting list as there are in the class itself, which I see as a sign that we are “listening.”

It is going to be a Good Day!