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My guides have been busy with advice recently. One of the most interesting bits that my guide told  in journey on Friday evening was that I needed to spend 10 minutes each day doing “No Thing.”

This bit of advice I resisted. I mean, I already meditate. I asked SE what he meant by doing “No Thing.” I mentioned that I already meditate on a daily basis. He said that that was something, that it had a purpose, so was “Some Thing.”

On Saturday I took ten minutes to just “Be.” I did not read, I did not meditate, I just sat and listened. About 5 minutes in, I totally got it!  It is a huge freedom to allow yourself to just sit and be. It is very peaceful and liberating. I have resolved to add that to my morning routine, since this is the only time I  have when someone is not requiring something of me.


On Saturday night,  I got more advice. I was told that I need to write poetry again. I used to write poetry almost daily, but this was during a time when I was a bit more angsty. However, after my epiphany on Saturday, I was not one to shy from  advice.

So last night I wrote a poem about the rain…