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Today is thee Day! I have been waiting for this event for longer than I knew it was going to happen. I will be attending a Drum Making Workshop with some of the women from the Shaman Circle I go to each week. I am ecstatic!

In childhood, I was in band. When my turn came up to choose my instrument, I enthusiastically chose the drums.  I had the rhythm in my soul and knew that the drum was the instrument for me. Unfortunately, there were two other students (boys) that had also chosen the drums. My band teacher had a conference with my parents because he wanted to convince them that I should not play the drums. I should choose a more feminine instrument.

Now, I was a very stubborn child. I resisted and fought them feverishly. However, they all refused to let me play it. Instead, they decided that I should play the saxophone. I was reticent, but took it up anyway. I played my heart out on the sax, and was actually quite good, but my heart forever remained with the drums.

Over the years I had forgotten about this, until I read Lynne Redmond’s book When the Drummers were Women. She made me remember this experience that truly was painful for me. I was not forbidded from follow my heart, because of my gender. Her book showed me that Women have always been drummers, and in fact, were the first drummers.

When I found out that I was going to be attending this workshop, I was elated! I did a journey to find what I was to paint upon the head of my drum.  This is the symbol that was revealed to me. I am going to paint it in red and indigo henna on the head of my drum.