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This vacation has been amazing and truly wonderful. I have experienced amazing miracles, and shall have to post about them very soon. However, I feel it necessary to post today about Shadow Work. I do not shy away from Shadow Work at all, in fact I see it as extremely useful and integral to the furthering of my practice. Whenever confronted with my Shadow, I actually like to do Work.

While staying with my family I have been confronted by my Shadow in big ways. Many of my Shadow Issues stem from various abuses and perceived abuses I suffered at the hand of those who raised me. The people that are related to me by blood are so very different from me, and we had many difficulties navigating one another’s differences in my adolescence. These difficulties left wounds that later became scars. Much of my growth and learning has been transforming those scars into Wisdom and Understanding.

Though I have done much in the way of growing, it is strange to be around people who have not been present to my changes. They still view me as the Wounded Soul that lived with them so many years ago. They react to me as such, and treat me like a 15 year old rebellious adolescent. Most often I can see this and understand where it is coming from enough to keep from reacting. There are, however, wounds that are not fully healed that I am being made present to.

Staying with my family has allowed me a look into my Shadow and, as a result, I have done great work. This was not an intent of my travels, but it is a beautiful benefit that I had not considered. I look forward to approaching my relationships with a great sense of my Self, and bring more Understanding and Wisdom.