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On a road trip, there any number of things that can go amiss. It seems that my family has had ample number of those things bite us in the arse this vacation. Currently, I am writing from a hotel room in a city we did not intend to stay in for more than one evening. We have now been here for 3 days, and may end up staying for 5.

As we wait upon the repairs to be finished on our car, we are forced to rent a hotel room, which can be quite cost prohibitive. We are also stuck without transportation and food making options. We are forced to eat out often, and the resulting charges that have incurred have really eaten our disposable income. However, we have been blessed in countless ways by complete and total strangers.

I like to consider myself a kind and generous person, but in truth, I find that I am often wary of strangers. I am reticent to go near anyone that seemingly is looking for a handout. I look for their angle, so as to not get duped. Yet, the kindness that has been afforded me and my family over the past few days has caused me to rethink how I can effect others so simply.

One woman that we met, who had no reason to do so, trusted us so completely, she handed us the keys to her car within minutes of meeting us. Though I could not in good conscience borrow a stranger’s car, the gesture overwhelmed me. One thing that she said really struck a chord. After she had ferried my family to safetly (so to speak) she told us that “While some people are good at math or art, I am good at Giving Love.” I was floored. I have that talent in me somewhere, and if I can so easily change the course of a person’s day, what is stopping me…?