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I have been having peculiar visions as I drift off to sleep. This is not an unusual occurrence, so I had not given it much thought, until I noticed the the images were repeating themselves. When I realized this, I knew it was time to go on a journey.

I found it ridiculously easy to go deeply into trance. This is usually the case when information is trying to push through. As I went into trance in my hotel room, four other people sleeping around me, I was told of a most interesting past life.

I have always felt a connection and kinship with birds, since childhood. Usually, I make jokes about being magpie, due to my inability to maintain focus if I see something shiny. All of my attention is directed at the object. This is one of the reasons that I have always been attracted to and worn ridiculous amounts of glitter. Who knew how close I was to the actual truth.

Seemingly random events are never really that. Though they may seem disconnected from the norm, usually that is because we do not have all of the information. So is the case when earlier this year I was tapped on the shoulder by the Morrighan. She came to me out of the blue during one of our coven’s rituals. Her attentions were focused directly upon me, and no one else could receive her message for me, even though we tried. ( I had been communicating with other spirits that night, and was tired and unfocused by the time she ‘tapped me on the shoulder.’ )

I have been working with her since, and she continues to communicate with me. However, it seemed so random as I had never really worked with her pantheon or had much of an interest. I have always seen myself as one who is open to any deity that requests my attention, but devoted to the Norse and Egyptians Gods that have called out to me since childhood.

Anyway, I digress.  Though seemingly random, it seems I have worked with the Morrighan before, in a past life. In this past life, I was a Crow. I was not one of her two famous crow companions, but it would appear that any and all Crows can be chosen by her for various tasks. On at least one occasion, I had been chosen. Because of this, she came to me in this life.

As this information presented itself, I found myself connecting many dots. In another past life that became known to me some time ago, I had a familiar. This familiar was a Caramel Crow, which I was not aware even existed until I got this information. Then there is my ancestral connection. My family extends back many generations in the Crow tribe, and one of my dearest teachers and guides is Crow.


I find connecting the dots like realizing a constellation. What once appeared to be “just” stars, begins to form a picture.