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I had some strange images given to me,.. more of a strange story really. I was trying to get somewhere and needed a path to follow. The grid of the design I was to navigate was a fabric of spiderwebbing. As I wandered around looking for the best route, I met a woman. She was dressed in a many layered dress where each layer of fabric was another color, causing her to resemble a rainbow.

The woman was so eye-catching that I could not help but speak to her. She was holding a box that had needles and threads in it. I asked her what she was doing. She told me that she was repairing the web of time and space, the web that connects us all. This made me very curious indeed.

“How does this web become damaged,” I asked.

She informed me that when people do drastic things like taking their own life the fabric is torn. That is never supposed to happen. I, extremely curious, asked her if murder would make a tear in the fabric as well. Her reply was “Yes.”

I then began to look at the fabric, and notices that once mended, it made the path a bit different. It was altered, causing me to renegotiate my route.  From this I took away: As we are all connected, what effects one of us, effects us all, even if we don’t realize.