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I am currently part of a course in Shamanism. I am not entirely certain as to how I should title it, but it is such that the women involved in the course are learning how to use their tools and gifts in order to be of service to others. This course will take place over a period of 6 months, one weekend per month. This weekend, our focus was on Soul Retrievals.

This weekend each of the participants was able to bring back a piece of themselves that had previously been separated from them.  In my journey, I reconnected with part of me that had been exiled at the age of 9. She I brought back from the Void, the only place I knew to place her where nothing could hurt her. This piece of my soul has brought back her essence and her gifts to me.

Often, when I am given information, it is in a language that I have never spoken. I believe that this is so that I will not be able to question the validity of it. The information is presented in this fashion, and I must go in search of the meaning, making all the more profound.  As part of the process, I made a couple of very intense connection and information given to me in Italian.

It seems that I have a connection that I will have to explore. This connection is with St. Lucia. I know very little about her, but I was given many gifts and had experiences akin to those of Lucia. I do not know entirely the significance, or how that will play into my life and work, but it is definitely something I will be exploring further. Very exciting!