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Have a blessed Samhain, Everyone!

Today I will honour my ancestors with offerings and a full Ritual or Remembrance.

Also, on this day each year, I pull a card or rune from each of my many Oracles in order to see an overall of what I am to work on or expect from the coming year.  This year, it seems I am to shift my focus from dramatically.

In the past couple of years I have been the sole bread winner for my family of 5. My SO was diagnosed with a somewhat debilitating illness.  Since then, he has started going to school again, to change his career to one that he can manage with a chronic illness. Since that diagnosis, I have been working my arse off, trying to care for all montarily and on all other fronts. It has exhausted me mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Doing my divination work today, all “fingers” are pointing at my working less and focusing more energy on Service, Community, and My Bliss. This is coming at a time when I am attempting to save money for an overseas vacation. I was told that all will be provided for, if I trust and put forth my efforts in the aforementioned areas. So, let go I must, and dive in Head first! Wheeeeee!