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I’d like to thank Neferet for honouring me and my blog with such a fabulous award. I am very excited!

Thus the purpose of this award is to bring positive recognition to those bloggers who share their experiences on the less-traveled path, whether in the form of a journal or by standing up for themselves and others. Our award logo was a collaborate endeavor made with love that we are both very proud of. So without any further ado, onward to the details of the newest award to find its way to the blogsphere!

The Rules:

  • Post the award logo within your blog post
  • Thank the blogger who passed the award to you
  • Answer the seven questions below
  • Nominate five Wiccan/Pagan bloggers (If you don’t know five other Wiccan bloggers, nominate as many as you can)
  • Notify your nominees of their pending award
  • Give a short description of the blog/blogger and why you nominated them
  • Stop by Ayslyn’s Corner and Book of Shadows to add your name to the list of bloggers awarded
  • You may customize the questions as long as they are still Wiccan- and Pagan-related

Seven Questions:

  • How did you “discover” Wicca/witchcraft?
  • Do you grow herbs?
  • Are you “in the broom closet”? If not, share your coming out experience.
  • What tradition do you follow?
  • Do you consider yourself a witch, Wiccan or Pagan (or maybe something else?)
  • How much of witchcraft/Wicca are you able to incorporate into your everyday life?
  • Do you have a familiar? If you do, tell us how you meet him/her and how s/he takes part in your practice (if at all)
Seven Answers
    1. Hmmm…. Tough questions. I don’t recall when the curiosity began, only that I was unable to explore it, due to the restriction put upon me by my strict Christian family. At the age of 15 I bought a book about Witchcraft, and hid it in my room, taking it out to study.
    2. Yes! I grow herbs; medicinal, culinary, and magickal. I have faeries that help me with my gardening. It is one of my passions.
    3. Broom closet? No way! I am an open book. I still try not to speak about it with my parents, but that is because we don’t speak of deeper subjects (i.e. politics, religion, etc.) it just keeps the peace that way.
    4. I don’t even know how to begin answering this question…. I have gods and goddesses that I work with regularly. These deities are mainly from the Norse and Egyptian pantheons. My studies center around these two traditions, but are not limited to them, as I hate limits of any sort.
    5. I consider myself a Witch. I practice Shamanism, but I believe most all witches do in their own way.
    6. My daily practice is very strong. However, I look forward to when I can make my job one that is more spiritual. I desire to make writing my sole profession.
    7. I do, indeed, have a familiar. He is a gorgeous corn snake whose previous companion was looking to give him a new home. He came home with me, as a result, and he is more than amazing. I was not expecting a familiar, but he and I have undergone many transformation together.


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