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I am of the mind that one’s name tells a lot about them. I have seen so many correlations in personalities being aligned with names. There are far too many instances of folks having a last name that is in alignment with their profession (i.e. Jeanne Rose being a prominent herbalist) for Name Theory to be a coincidence. I don’ actually follow any particular theory, but have developed my own.

Many people I know have chosen their own names, when the ones given them at birth no longer seem right. I know a number of people who chose new names after significant transformations in their lives. When one feels they have been formed “anew” it makes sense to leave even names behind.

Last year, one of my covenmates and I took on a “Year-and-a-Day” pledge. In addition to this pledge, we took on a new Magickal name that we were going to “try on” for that time. My covenmate took to hers, but I have decided to leave mine behind with the completed pledge.

In my early days as a Witch I put a lot of thought and care into my Magickal name. For a time, I wondered if it still worked for me, and I was unsure as to whether it was time for a change. After much consideration and transformation, I am rediscovering that my roots are still my firm and solid basis. So, Spider Goddess – Morwen Lome, still suits me and the familiarity is sweet, not soured…..