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PSA from a local Nature Spirit nature's spirit by Dame Des Reves

I was talking with one of my Nature Spirit friends today, and he seemed rather adamant that I write down some information. Being fairly certain that anyone who reads this blog is part of the choir to which I belong, I feel that preaching is hardly necessary. However, it is possible that this post might resonate for someone, and since asked, I will write it.

When I was chatting with my friend, he told me that NOW is the time for us as homosapiens to renegotiate our roles on this planet. We need to realize that our previous roles are not working, we no longer, as a whole, have the knowledge and wisdom that once made us capable of guiding this planet.

I was informed that in the distant pasts we acted as guides, but now need to rediscover these abilities and the information lost. There is a call for us to become partners with the land and undergo something akin to a mentorship, with us as the apprentices. The Spirits want to teach, but we need first to listen for that to be possible.

One thing that my friend said that really hit home is, “If you wait until it is necessary, it will be too late.”