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Last night was the first meeting of a lengthy series that a dear friend and I are hosting about Shamanism and Ancient Egypt. Attendance and participation was fabulous, and the women that attended were beautiful, amazing ladies. I feel honored to have been part of it.

During the Circle, it was very apparent that Anubis was there, and that he was guiding me in my presentation. He has always been a teacher of mine, and was one of the first deities that ever came to me. It was powerful to work so closely with him last night.

When I got home, the work continued. Anubis met me in my dreams and guided me through a very powerful ritual, that I kept telling myself I needed to remember. I performed it just as he told me, then when it was done, I woke to write it all down. Unfortunately, my eyesight was not clear. There were hundreds of swirling circles and patterns in front of my eyes, completely in black and white. It was lovely, but frustrating, because all I could do was lie back down and fall into sleep again.

After re-waking, I found that I could not remember any of the ritual. Nothing. Nada. Zip….. Was I not meant to bring it back? Then why did he make such a point of teaching me exactly how to do each bit of it?