One might think that a trip to the ER (especially for an empath) would be the stuff nightmares are made of, and that would’ve been my guess too, until last night. Granted, I never really want to have to go to the ER again, but there were silver linings that I am thankful I can see. Let me explain.

Yesterday my oldest child slammed his fingers in the door. It was terribly painful and appeared to have done some damage that could not be easily bandaged. In addition to the fact that a fracture on the finger quite plausible, we decided to take him to hospital.

Upon arrival, it was apparent that many, many people were also suffering that evening. They sent us to one of many full waiting rooms. Thankfully, it was one for the patients that are not actually ill, but with minor injuries. In this area, I met many interesting people (I am a Chatty Kathy) whilst waiting to be seen. One woman and her family stand out among the rest.

The lady in question as there with her family and their wee, precious son who was suffering from a severe eczema. To be two years old and have your whole body wracked with intense itching, the sort you cannot possibly ignore, I would not wish that on an enemy.

The sheer torture for a parent, knowing that you cannot ease the pain and discomfort of your child. I could see this in the mother’s eyes. She told me of how her son, at times, cannot sleep during the night. He has built up a resistance to antibiotics, and so needs mega doses only available via IV. The whole situation is beyond heart breaking. I began to feel deeply saddened and helpless. That is when I decided to open the reiki channel.

I sat down with the wee angel and had a conversation. He grabbed my hands, and stopped scratching his body. I channeled the reiki through my hands to him and he accepted readily. We talked for a while, then I asked his mom if I could hold him. She didn’t hesitate, but let me hold and cuddle her precious child. I was even more deeply honored when the wee baby fell asleep in my arms.

I am not taking any credit for the baby’s comfort, if anything it was the reiki energy, I just feel privileged to have been able to enjoy his company, and experience that moment with him. I earnestly pray that he and his family are able to overcome this obstacle and function as healthy individuals.

My son’s finger did not end up fractured, and after some careful bandaging, he was sent home, where he promptly fell asleep. I came away from the whole experience invigorated and full of love.