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I had the most interesting journey this morning…….

This weekend is to be very fabulously busy for me. Tonight at our Women Circle, I am co-presenting the second in our Egyptian series. I am very excited and so went over the notes for that upon waking.

After that I continued preparations to present my assigned chapter in our Shamanic Reiki studies which will be discussed on Saturday. In my assigned chapter, there is a journey where you connect with the essence of Reiki. Thinking my presentation would be much stronger if I actually did the journey, I planned to do it this morning……. however, Spirit takes you where you are supposed to go, not always where you set out to go……

In my journey I followed the directions laid out in the text. I thought I was connecting with the Reiki energy, but found myself melding with the Kombucha essence instead, a giant SCOBY. I was a bit startled when I realized it, but totally went with it. Who am I to fight Spirit. As it goes, the lesson was one that has been showing up for me recently.

Last month, I received the same message from a tree on my property. This tree is a wonder because it was formed from a fallen seed and not intentionally place, so it sprang up directly next to a fence. Rather than destroy the fence or cease to be, it integrated the fence and grew as part of it. It is a lovely, precious being, and truly a wonder.

“Grow within the space given you. Don’t try to force the space you desire.”