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I started a juice cleanse about 6 days ago. Since beginning, my dreams have been very odd.

Hitler Ballet Ballerina

Hitler was a Ballerina

Snippet #1: I dreamt that I was taking a ballet class with Hitler. This was, of course, before he turned into the world’s biggest piece of poo. I liked him quite a bit and was his friend, so I was terribly upset when he became and Evil Leader.

Snippet #2: I dreamt I was homeless and sleeping on concrete. I was surprised to find out how very comfortable and cozy it was.

Snippet #3: Aliens made contact with Earth, but they chose to do so as a hologram. This choice was made due to their enormous size, and the fear that we might not see them as peaceful.

Snippet #4: My friend “L.E.” was writing a science fiction novel and stumbled upon a way to engineer genes so that we could choose the traits we want. She came to me with this information and I listened, but then dismissed it as part of the story. Later, while we were packing up her truck, a bunch of scrawny guys that had been bullied all their lives decided to become the bullies. They came up to us and chanted some mantra and they all started to get bigger, like abnormally large….. I ran away and hid in the crook of a tree and met a spider……

Snippet #5: At this party I met a scrawny, somewhat attractive girl with flaming red hair. She was loud, flamboyant, and annoying. I left the party at some point and continued on with life, forgetting her. Then, while at a tattoo studio preparing to get a tattoo, the girl showed up. This time, she was missing a leg and it had been replaced with a metal prosthetic. When she saw me, she said, “Oh no! Not you!! I hate you, cause you can truly see me.” Then I looked at her again and saw that she was a short, dumpy, manly looking girl with freckles and short brown hair. She got mad and she and her cohorts left.

Weird. Wonder what each successive nights will bring……