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I have not posted much recently, not because I have little to say, but because there is so much going on. I would not even know where to begin!

Currently, I am working on a number of projects:

  1. I am finishing up a shamanic apprenticeship of sorts, after which I will be a Certified Shamanic Reiki Master.
  2. Writing has actually begun on a book which is the culmination of many years of study.
  3. As a psychopomp, I am preparing to take on more responsibilities. (I will write a more detailed post on that very soon.)
  4. I am facilitating a few upcoming Circles at the Women’s Circle I attend regularly.
  5. Temple Training – more on this soon.

I am learning so very much right now, and am really excited about these wonderful experiences, but putting it all down in my blog just isn’t happening right now. I am in the experiential phase. The documentation phase will commence soon……