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I have felt a bit crazy as of late. There are a number of projects that I am involved in and passionate about, and I have been felt that I am being pulled in many different directions. In order to find a more effective means of juggling, and directing my focus, I went to bed to dream with intention.

In my dreams I was working on a full scale doing my herbal stuffs. For a few months I have been trying to get this particular adventure started. I even started an Etsy store specifically for selling my teas, tinctures, and other such bits. It can be found here. It seems that I need to put more time and energy to realizing that focus…….

auset isis doreen virtue ascended masters

Later, in a more lucid moment, Auset came to me. However, this was not the traditional Auset whose image I am more familiar with. This was Auset the motivational speaker, in a business suit, with one of those headset microphones. It was terribly amusing. However, she did give me some seriously awesome advice.

Auset taught me of a method that she referred to as Three Touch Organizing. What this means is that you prioritize your projects and put them in a list. From that list you only work on the top three, and don’t touch anything below it until the dents you have made in the top 3 are significant. This way you can focus your energies and not go mad…… I like it, three touch organizing!