From my other blog, but I wanted to crosspost because I am excited, and this is important to me.

Magickal Gardening on Middle Lane

I just got back from spending nearly two weeks in the Pacific Northwest, my homeland. While there I was able to spend time breathing fresh, mountain air and feeding my soul. I had long conversations with relatives, went foraging for mushrooms in the mountains, got snowed on, and generally just had a fabulous time!!

I returned yesterday to find that my garden burst with pleasure from a recent rain in Central Texas. I now have tomatoes, eggplants, jalapenos, green beans, and a host of other fruits and veggies getting ready to be plucked from the vine! I will post a photo update of the garden later this week, but my reason for popping in is a bit different. I wanted to announce that I have successfully launched my Magickal Etsy shoppe.

spider goddess web

I would be honoured if you had a moment to stop by and take a peek….. and below is…

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