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A few months ago I embarked upon a journey. My entire magickal life, and beyond, I have been interested in the Ancient Egyptian and the Norse faiths. I have studied both and worked with both pantheons, but quite by accident, I stumbled upon an Egyptian temple that falls in line with my understanding of Ancient Egypt, and resonates deeply with my soul.

Following some serious soul searching, as well as researching, I decided that I would join and begin the lessons. I am so very glad I did, as it has opened up a number of new avenues in Sacred Science for my knowledge and practice.  However, I am at a point where I must dedicate myself to working with one particular deity for the remainder of the Temple Work. Here is where it gets tricky.

I consider myself Spiritually Polyamorous. I love working with a number of deities, based upon my fancies, the work I am doing, or the holiday. There are definitely a few in my Core Group (i.e. Odin, Anpu, Het Hur, Freyja, and Uadjet.) How do I choose? I don’t even know where to begin…

When I have a query of this nature, I turn to oneiric and journey work. This time I did just that and had a very interesting conversation with Isis. I figured that it would be one the deities that I am already somewhat in tune with that would assist me in completing my work, and building my temple. However, Isis told me that I should work with her son Heru. I was shocked because, to be honest, I have never given him much thought. I was like, “Wha? Are you talkin’ to me?” using my best possible Al Pacino.

horus heru statueTurns out yeah, she really was. It seemed such an odd idea at first, but as I began to look into him and get to know the idea of him better, I have started to think that I may actually “go there.” I am going to try to initiate First Contact and see how that goes, and if it goes well……