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I have begun an intensive planetary magick study group with a couple of friends. We began with the Sun as it transited into Leo. Since then, I have had a number of synchronicities with Solar deities, so much so that I cannot but get excited about the Heavenly Bodies I will be working with.

Among these Solar Deities, I have made the acquaintance of a deity from a pantheon that I never thought I would personally work with. This deity is Legba la Flambeau, Papa Legba in the fire/solar aspect. I will admit to being very ignorant about all things lwa. Vodou is not a practice that I have ever desired to take part in. I find many of the rituals to be a bit vulgar, in that I am an animal rights activist vegetarian, and what I know of Vodou is that it is not always amenable to this lifestyle choice. Of course, I admit that I am ignorant about the work.

legba flambeauWhat I will say to this end is that the one encounter I had with Legba la Flambeau was definitely eye opening. He taught me much Old Wisdom in the short time that was interacted. For that, I am thankful.